De-stressing today


What I have been waiting for and longing for, for over a month now has finally come and gone.  I love it when I have a free Saturday.  It is so nice to be able to stay at home, sleep in (I wish) and take it easy in the morning. Then able to do whatever I want with the rest of the day.  Today, was the day.  Husband and DD 1 left for Iowa City and a conference (and of course DD 1 to head back to her apartment).  DD 2 and I had the day at home with nothing pressing.  We straightened up a few things and then watched my favorite TV show ( Pioneer Women, I haven’t seen this show for over a month) Finally heading to my craft room for some peace and quiet.  I was able to go through a few things, sorting and purging.  My goal is to get my space organized, cleaned up and less cluttered this year.  It was so nice to have that time to relax, listen to music, sort, create and generally de-stress.  I honestly think that there should be one day every week dedicated to days like today.  Sadly as much as I try, it doesn’t always happen.  Many times I am lucky to get one day a month like this.   My DD 2 and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Pizza Ranch (no cooking, no dishes, and we love their chicken).  Now she is baking cookies for a County Council meeting/pizza party tomorrow night and then some homemade hot fudge on Ice Cream to top off the day.

Yes, we all need more days like this.

Tonight’s Entertainment


My youngest daughter lives for the stage. So much so that she has tried out for the school’s talent show or JV show every year since 6th grade except for one.  (Elementary school didn’t have a talent show when she was there). Last year she made the JV show, but then proceeded to get fall and hurt her knee during dress rehearsal the night before the show.  Since she was hurt last year, this is the first high school JV show that we have attended.  All I am going to say about the night was that the dancers at the beginning were very good and it was an interesting night.

Random Thoughts on Day 1 of Spring Break


If you have been reading this blog lately, you should have a random idea of just how much I was looking forward to having these two spring break days.  I couldn’t wait.  I had plans.  I wanted to hole up in my craft room, coming out only to use the restroom, get something to drink, possibly feed my family, and maybe some sleep.  So far that plan is NOT happening. Today’s agenda so far

  • Get up early and get ready to head to the grocery stores. Yes 2 different ones
  • Purchase Groceries.
  • Come home put groceries away and pick up some in the living room.  The cat knocked a bunch of stuff down last night.
  • Create an agenda for tonight’s Creative Arts meeting for the county fair.  (New position for me, I am now the chairperson).
  • Finished reading a book, yippie
  • Eat lunch
  • Grade student’s projects.  Quarter grades are due on Monday when we go back.  I was able to get about 1/2 of the projects graded.  That is all I brought home, couldn’t carry anymore, will switch them out tomorrow morning when I head into to church to drop off a meal for our pastor and his wife.  Part of a meal train.
  • Finally made it into the craft room.  No crafting for me, instead I was able to get some things organised and put away.  Even when I am cleaning that room, I am able to relax.  Something about being able to listen to the music I like, surrounded by crafty good things, that helps me to relax and settle down.
  • Came out to make supper.
  • Now I eating supper and typing this blog post at the same time.
  • Need to leave in about 45 minutes for my meeting. Thankfully it is usually only about an hour meeting, so I should be home in time to prep for supper tomorrow night.  I want to get as much done as possible so I can get the meal taken out early in the morning and then head to Walmart and the storage unit.

Even though I didn’t get any crafty time done, I do feel like I have had a productive day.

Ever After



A good topic to write about. I have hit that mid-month slump.  My brain is blank.  I have no idea what I should write about today.  It is fairly quiet in the house right now. I am home with my oldest daughter. The other two are at church and then choir practice.  Some people can actually sing (actually, I am the only one that can’t sing). My older daughter had a long 12 hours at work, so she wanted to just relax tonight.  She choose the movie Ever After to watch, it has been awhile since we have watched this movie.  It is a cute movie about a possible “real” story of Cinderella. If you haven’t seen it, then you need to check it out.

See I really am at a loss for words today, I can’t even find a topic or something to write about today.

So close


So close that I can taste it. This time tomorrow night I will be on “Spring Break”.  We have two days off.  While I wish I could have a full week like many, I will enjoy the 2+1 that I have received this week.  Instead of 3 school days, we only had 2 school days and 1 snow day this week.  Now I had hoped to have the projects all graded before I left school tomorrow.  I will not be done grading them, but I will be close.  I figure I will need to spend a couple of hours each day that we are off to get them all graded.  Still, it will be nice to start 4th quarter caught up.  And when we come back only about 47 days left until summer.  Every year seems to go faster than the last and somehow, I think that this next year will be the fastest ever as my youngest will be a senior.

Tired and ready to give up


Yep, I am tired tonight.  I seriously thought about skipping my SOL today and just heading to bed early.  After all, my daughter has to be up at 4:00 am so that she can catch the bus at 5:00 am for State Speech contest.  And I have to be up at normal time and need to head to school for Saturday School.  Three hours spend with a select few of our students.  I will also spend that time getting some late work graded.  The quarter is next Wednesday and I have late work and a project that needs to be graded and into the grade books before then. Seriously tired with grading late work.  I even had a student today inform me that he only does the work and turns it in after I have graded work and put it into the grade book. He waits to see how not doing the work will affect his grade.   Of course, it doesn’t help when I realize that the other three family members are on spring break.  In fairness, the oldest daughter is on Spring Break from school but will be working 32 hours this next week at her main job.  So yes, I am tired and ready to give up, but you know what?  I am not going to give up, I will push myself and get the grading done so that I can enjoy next Thursday and Friday.  I will push myself and get my Slices written for each day, because yes, even though I am tired and ready to give up, I know that by pushing myself and succeeding I will feel better in the long run.  If I did give up, I would not like myself much anymore.  So yes, I will keep going and not give up.

I Believe


“I believe that children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Whitney Houston

I love this line from Whitney Houston’s song and yes, I really do believe that children are our future.  It is the teach them well and let them lead the way part that I sometimes struggle with.  I love it when I see the light bulb or Ah ha moment in a student’s eyes.  That moment that tells me that they figured it out.  There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a student master a difficult (to them) concept.

The struggle comes when I watch that student goof off, not take their learning seriously, refuse to work up to their potential, and choose to disrupt other’s learning just because they want to screw off and don’t value their learning.

As much as I hate watching that child fritter away their education, I love it when I hear another student pipe up and tell the one goofing off to behave.  When these students realize that they are not as funny as they thought to their peers, it seems like they grow up and mature faster.

So for all of you students out there, getting irritated at the class clown, don’t be afraid to give them a piece of your mind instead of it always being the teacher.  Let them know that their peers DON’T find them as funny as they think.  You will be helping them to grow and mature. Do it for your generation.