I Like to Move it.

For several years now, I have been trying to get more active, to move more, and maybe get a bit healthier in the long run. Everything I tried would last for a few days to a couple of months. Sadly, however, nothing stuck. Until this past Thanksgiving. I slipped and ended up breaking my Fitbit. A bit fed up, because this would be the 4th one in a year, I decided to switch to an Apple Watch.

For some reason, having the Apple Watch has been the change I needed. I want to close my three rings every day. Earning a badge for closing all 3 rings every day in a month is someone quite rewarding. Each month, there is a different challenge also to do, for example in January the challenge was 140 exercise minutes, February’s challenge was 16 workouts of at least 15 minutes. I want to earn these virtual badges each month. I know that Fitbit had badges also, but they didn’t motivate me the way these badges motivate me. I am also enjoying the special mini challenges that pop up every so often also.

Maybe now, I will finally be able to become successful at moving more. Just hoping that the heat and humidity in July and August don’t drive me away.


4 thoughts on “I Like to Move it.

  1. Good for you! I did have an Apple watch and I gave up after awhile being interested in closing my rings. I think what is helping me is that there is a bit of nicer weather here in Chicago so I can go out and take a walk!

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  2. hmmm! I have had an apple watch for 3 years and I did NOT know there were challenges! ha! I learned something, thank you. Congrats on the success, I love seeing my 3 rings closed too, although now with remote teaching, it’s been tough.

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  3. Awesome! This is really life. Motivation can be fleeting…when we see something that works or grabs our psyche and pushes us toward our goal…why question it!

    Appreciate your honesty in this post !

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