A Lazy Catholic

One of my goals with this blog is to write about my life as an English/Language Arts teacher. Today I want to share about something that I found to be kind of funny.  The other day during class something was said and one of my students that had gone to the catholic elementary school in town chimed in with do you know what we call Lutherans?  Of course, since I am LCMS, I had to say no, what?  She then told me that they call us lazy catholics.  Of course I wondered about this and asked her why.  She said it is because we don’t kneel as much as the catholics.  Without even thinking I responded with and my knees are thankful for that.

Now I know that we can get into a big debate about religion and the differences and that is not what I want for my little corner of the web. I want this taken strictly as it was meant, a student sharing some humor with her Language Arts 10 teacher. The concept has come up a couple of times since, with a shared smile and or small laugh between us.

I think it is important for students to know that as teachers we care about them outside of the constraints of our subject matter and how well they do in class. They need to see us as adults that care about them.  For some of my students, the teachers at school may be some of the only adults that the student sees during the day or that the student knows cares about them.  Seeing us as a caring concerned adult helps the students to learn appropriate ways of working with and dealing with a person in charge.  A skill that most of them will be needing in the not so distant future as they head off into the work world.

Thanks to my student M for providing me with this topic for my first classroom funny on my blog.