A New Page


Today begins a new year.  For many, they see this as a chance to make changes and create a new them.  I have stopped making resolutions instead I make goals and I try to make goals that are reachable.  A few of my goals for the next year.

  • Read 110 books (I read 113 in 2018) ( a few of my reads for January)DSCN0906
  • Create 365 scrapbooking layouts (this has been a goal for years and I finally made it in 2018)
  • Update this blog more.  I am hoping to actually get at least one entry per week.  If I want my students to be writing, I need to write also.
  • Create and craft more.  I would love to be on top of things and actually give a few made from the heart gifts this next year
  • Use the cards that I make.  I started this last year and didn’t do too bad, hoping to do even better this next year.
  • I want to try new vegetables and find new ways of making some of my favorites.  An example is I love asparagus but it seems like I almost always just steam it.  I know that there are more ways to prepare this than just steaming.
  • Going along with the last goal, I would also like to try some new and unusual fruits (I have heard about a fruit called Dragon Fruit, would love to try this)
  • Continue to work on decluttering.  It is amazing how much junk 4 people can accumulate.
  • Continue to work on paying off bills.  That would be easier if things didn’t keep breaking.

Who knows I may add a few more goals to this list or even change the goals around.

So what are some of your goals or resolutions?