Trying something new tonight.  I enjoy watching unboxing video’s on Youtube, so I decided to give it a try tonight.  I tried an unboxing of the Erin Condren Seasonal Box unboxing for this fall.  If you are interested and want to watch it check out this link.


Handyman’s Holiday Hop

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In October I will be participating in a Handyman’s Holiday Blog Hop.  The goal is to alter a 2-inch paintbrush and turn it into a holiday decoration.  Currently, I am leaning towards something for Christmas, but who knows the brush may speak to me and tell me that it wants to be something else for a different holiday.  Please join me for this blog hop.  Should be fun with several creative ideas.

August just flew by

August just seemed to fly by this year.  Between getting ready for back to school, marching band camp for my youngest, taking her to Des Moines for a 14 day stint at the Iowa State Fair (I should probably take some time to write about the Iowa State Fair), two trips to the state fair myself, visiting a couple of friends in Ames, and starting back to school, I am surprised that I was able to get anything done.  Let’s check on how I did with my summer goals:

Goal # 1

I managed to read 8 books this month.  Not bad considering all of the driving I was doing, plus the days spent at the State Fair. Overall I did manage to read 21 books this summer, not too shabby considering everything else going on.  I have fallen behind my goal but should be able to get caught up with the school year starting.

Books I read were:


The Runaway Brida and the Orphaned Twins

Forever Cherished

The Christmas Play


So. B. It

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Last Summer at Eden

Goal # 2

Crafting Time: I didn’t get much crafting time at all in August, I was either on the road or just plain exhausted much of the time.  This should pick up more this fall again.

Goal # 3

DeClutter this house.  Nope, not much of that happened at all, besides the flooding of the basement in July. This seems to be an ongoing process as I slowly go through things and try to get stuff organized.

Goal # 4

Filing, I really hate to do this, but it looks like I should just force myself to sit down and get it down.  I could probably get totally caught up and a bunch of stuff thrown away which would help Goal # 3 if I would just spend a few hours doing this chore.  Anyone want to come and sit with me while I work on the filing?

Goal # 5

Writing More, totally gave up on this goal.  I did manage to get a couple of blog posts down this summer, but that is about it.  I need to tear myself away from the computer and Facebook and spend some time just writing.

Goal # 6

School stuff, I did manage to get a few extra things done and ready for school to start but no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to be 100% ready by the first day of classes.  Guess that there is always next year.

Thinking that maybe I should take some time and come up with a few fall goals, even though several if not all of my summer goals will make it to the fall goals list.


So what kinds of goals do you have for this summer.