3 weeks done, random thinking

Surprisingly we have survived 3 weeks of social distancing.  What I have learned so far is that it is important to still get up at a normal time, get dressed and have some goals for the day.  If I don’t have things planned for the day, nothing gets done.  Every day I am trying to get some cleaning, some reading, some learning, and some time for me.  This isn’t always working, but it is the goal.  Since tomorrow is Saturday, I will try to treat it as a normal Saturday.  That means more creating time for me in my craft room.  Hoping to get some April scrapbook challenges done. Maybe also create a few things for Easter, just a few fun spring paper crafts to decorate the table.  I will do my best to make this as normal of an Easter as possible.  The girls have decided that Hot fudge with ice cream and brownies sounds like a good dessert for the night, so they are working on making the hot fudge.  It sounds like a good chocolate dessert for the night.  After that a little facial bonding with both of my daughters.

Break extended

I really don’t have much to say today.  Trying to find the positive, but it has been a hard day.  My daughter is struggling with some things and trying to encourage her is getting hard and then there came the announcement that school will be closed until at least April 30th.

With that news today, I lost the desire to do much.  It doesn’t help that even though I placed my grocery order, the earliest I can get the order is Saturday evening.  I really need something good right now.

April 1

Even though the Slice of Life is over for this year, I am going to try and continue to write every day.  I have assigned my students to write throughout this time period and if I want them to do something, then I should be able to do it also. Normally I order Walmart online and then just pick up, it saves having to stand in line forever (I refuse to use the self-checkout) and I have found it much easier.  Normally, I am able to place my order in the morning and pick it up on my way home from school that day.  Not anymore.  Now, I have to wait until the next day. Not a big deal, just a change I have noticed.

A year ago, on a whim, I signed up for a FabFitFun box.  I was pleasantly surprised by the box and have continued to get it.  In the past, I wasn’t good at using up all of the beauty products. I did give some to my daughters that I thought they might want and use.  A box came on Tuesday since Kristen was home, she was with me when I opened the box  Lots of fun products were in this box and she decided that we needed to try the face cleansing stuff and face mask stuff.  So now, every night we are enjoying some bonding time as we rotate between the different facial cleansing items; masks, peels, clay masks, etc.  A little extra bonding with my college daughter is always a good thing.  We will make sure to include Sarah when she finally has a night off. Once again looking for something good to come out of COVID-19.  A little extra bonding time is a good thing.

New Motivation


Last week, discouragement and boredom hit.  I had two days where I could hardly convince myself to do much of anything. It didn’t help that the other 3 members of the family were working and since we are down a car, my car was in use.  I couldn’t have gone anywhere even if I wanted to. This weekend with a little rearranging and going through a storage area looking for something (I don’t even remember what it was), I found a to-do pad.  Actually, it is a cleaning checklist, but I turned it into a to-do pad.

So now, I am assigning myself a couple of easy cleaning projects, some Professional Development, some reading, and some scrapbooking.  At least for the past two days, this has helped my motivational level.  Hopefully, this continues to help.  I have a feeling that things are going to change again soon.  We have been notified that there will be a video message on Thursday from the administration.  Wondering if this means we will be closed longer and if we are going to go to online learning.

I miss them.


Today my youngest DD started her online classes.  A couple of her professors just sent a message with what homework to work on, but two of her professors were online with a Google Hangout.  I was able to hear the professors talk to the students.  Basically, they spent some time going over what the new requirements would be for the class and how things would be handled, but what I heard repeatedly from them was how good it was to see their students, how much they had missed seeing them, how worried they were about the students and how they were doing, and how thrilled they were to “see” their students again.  All of them also said repeatedly, that they planned to still have office hours and if there was anything that the student needed, even if it wasn’t related to their class, to please come on and talk to them.  They are still there for their students.  As a parent, I loved hearing this.  It is nice to know that others care about my daughter and she is in good hands.

What struck me even more, is how much I miss my students.  There was no chance to really say goodbye to them.  Are they doing ok, are they following the stay at home rules, what about the one student that I haven’t seen since Christmas, is she doing ok?  So many questions, without any really good answers.

Random thoughts on Today


  1. I decided to actually get dressed today as if I was going somewhere.  It helped my attitude greatly.
  2. We went to church for private communion today.  It really helped to get out of the house.
  3. The girls cleaned out the refrigerator for us.  They did a great job.
  4. I really want to go back to school.
  5. Homemade pizza for supper is always a win.
  6. My daughter started a puzzle today.  Wonder how long it will take.
  7. I really wish I could go back to the gym.  I need to find an online workout video that is easy and at my pace.
  8. I can’t believe my daughter actually went to get some essentials dressed like a Panda.
  9. I hope the weather gets better soon, so I can at least see the sun and maybe soak up a little sun.



A couple of days ago, I wrote about Sunday memories with my Holst Grandparents.  I was blessed to have both sets of Grandparents (Holst and Steinhagen) in my life until after I married. I also have memories with two of my great-grandparents and pictures that prove I met another great-grandpa.  I have fond memories of Grandma Helble, she died when I was 7, and Great-grandpa Steinhagen, he passed when I was in 6th grade.  Otto Steinhagen was an amazing man.  Before he passed away, I was one of 80 great-grandchildren and he knew all of us by name and site.  I also have a picture with my Great Grandpa Lafrenz, I was only about 18 months old when he passed away so I don’t really remember him at all.

Sadly, my girls haven’t been as lucky with grandparents.  When Sarah was born, she had three great-grandparents and two grandparents alive.  Kurt’s mom passed away when he was a freshman in college and my dad passed away almost 2 years after we were married and 2 1/2 years before we had Sarah.  Kurt’s dad was never the loving grandfather and when Kristen was born, the comment was made that they were sorry it wasn’t a boy.  My mom tried with Sarah, but she was still working full time.  The only thing that helped was that Sarah was the first and only grandchild.  Mom was still working full time when Kristen was born, so she often heard when you are older, and potty trained you can spend time with grandma (by the way, she potty trained earlier than any of the other 3 grandchildren.)  Sarah doesn’t remember great-grandma Jochimsen that well (she was 3 when she passed away), but she does have a baby blanket that was crocheted for her by this great-grandma.  Both girls do remember their Steinhagen great-grandparents.  Kristen barely remembers them as she was only 3 when grandpa passed away and 5 when grandma passed away

I feel bad that my girls do not have cozy loving memories of their grandparents.  If I ever become a grandparent, I want my grandchild to know that they are loved and hopefully I will be able to give them these loving memories.