Lessons Learned

This year I decided to have my senior class participate in the student blogging challenge.  This was a new class that has never been taught before.  It isn’t dual credit, so the majority of the students are not college bound.  I really had no idea what I was doing with the classroom blogging challenge.  All I knew for sure was that I wanted them to blog daily even though we only meet every other day.  I also knew that I needed to develop some sort of blog so that the students could somehow connect their blog. Needless to say, since I didn’t know what I was doing this project was a major flop. I do want to do it again next year, but at least next time I will have a better idea of what I am doing.

Lessons Learned

  1. Start the unit about 1 1/2-2 weeks before the challenge starts
  2. Have students set up their blogs, create a theme and pick their avatar before the unit starts.
  3. Give students topics for the first several blog posts
  4. Spend some time discussing what makes a good comment verse just commenting on the blog
  5. Have students comment on each other’s blogs
  6. Have students find other blogs that they comment on
  7. Don’t get sick at the beginning of the month
  8. Have students find other student blogs that they then follow.

Those of you that have done the classroom challenge, what else should I add or do during this unit to make it more successful?



It’s coming

Basically, we are two months away from my youngest daughter’s high school graduation.  This means that it is time to kick things into gear and get going on planning her party and getting everything ready to go.  There are some things that in my mind need to be done before her party and then there are some things that I would love to do for her party but they will only happen if I have the time.  I am going to share my list and see if that doesn’t help to keep me motivated

  1. Guest sign in book
  2. Card box
  3. Drama album
  4. Volleyball album
  5. Basketball album
  6. Freshman album
  7. Sophomore album
  8. Junior album
  9. Senior album
  10. Baby album
  11. Preschool album
  12. grade school albums
  13. Middle school albums
  14. Baby album
  15. Preschool album
  16. 300 mints made (Kristen can do this while on break)
  17. Congrats banner
  18. Cards for her and all of the other friends graduating
  19. Early years display board (Kristen can work on)
  20. Kindergarten-8th-grade display board (Kristen can work on)
  21. High school display board (Kristen can work on)
  22. 4-H display board (Kristen can work on)
  23. Brownie Mortar board cakes
  24. Open house invitation designed (will order mid-April)
  25. Guest List created (Kristen can do this while on break this week.)
  26. Senior Picture book made and ordered
  27. I’m done and I’m starting posters made for the photo shoot.

Hopefully, that is all, but I am sure that I will think of more things to get done yet.  Thankfully Kristen can help with some of the items.  Plenty to keep me busy for the next couple of months.  Planning on getting quite a bit crossed off my list this week and next thanks to Spring Breaks for my daughter and then for me.

What season is it?


I took this picture this morning from my craft room.  We ended up getting 10+ inches of snow.  This would have been a perfect snow day if it would have happened in December, January, or February, but no it waits until almost the end of March to give us the biggest snowfall of the season.  Thankful that I was able to stay inside and play in my craft room.  Of course, now I have a mess to clean up.


It’s Friday

Totally looking forward to the weekend.  I am hoping that I can actually sleep in tomorrow morning.  Since it looks like we are going to get hit with the biggest snowstorm of the season (after the season is sort of over with), I plan on staying home and not doing much except for resting, crafting, and hopefully finally getting over this crud that I have been fighting.  All 4 of us had plans for tomorrow, 1 to work, 1 to church to set up for Palm Sunday Breakfast, 1 to help an older couple move and 1 to a funeral.  1 of these events has already been canceled, 2 of the events are not life-threatening and if the snow storm hits we can stay home, but sadly my oldest still has to get up and be at work by 6:00 tomorrow morning.  While I want to go to my great uncle’s funeral, if the roads are bad, the family will understand (it is an hour drive) if I don’t make it down.

Sometimes the weather tells us it is time to take a break. So instead of running around tomorrow, we will take a break and stay home tomorrow.  We will bake, we will craft, we will rest, we will re-energize and be ready to go for another week.

Looking forward to the next two days.

Places that make me Happy


  1. Scrapbook Room
  2. Walt Disney World
  3. Standing by waterfalls
  4. Rocky Mountain National Park
  5. Visiting different Zoo’s


I wanted to see if I could come up with at least 10, I will have to think about this some more.  Fairly sure that I am missing some things, but so tired and the brain is not functioning as well.

Something New?

I love scrapbooking, card making and other crafts within that same category.  Over the years I have had several projects come up that are considered Traveler’s Notebooks.  I have really enjoyed the projects and love all of these handmade notebooks that I have created. However, they are starting to pile up. I really need to start using these lovely homemade notebooks. So today, I have been looking for ideas and ways to use up my Traveler’s notebooks.  So many fun ideas, a holiday planner, a list generator, keeping track of things that make you happy, a book full of quotes that you like.

Now to overcome my other concern, how do I make my traveler’s notebooks look as pretty and fun as others do. Going to have to study the samples a bit more.

Time to work on some habits

For the past several years I have been hooked on the Erin Condren Planners.  I first found the teacher planner and fell in love with that planner. Later I decided to jump on their personalized daily planners.  I do use my planner, but I am not as good at using my planner on a daily basis or doing all of the fancy decorating. I see all of these really cool looking planners that people have and wish I could get mine to look like that also.  I love all of the fun stickers, cool dual tip pens, and other items.  EC just recently came out with habit tracker stickers for the planner, and I just decided that I need to give these stickers a try.

They finally came today, had been sitting in a post office for 5 days. They come with space for 12 different habits every week. Now to decide what 12 habits I want to work on for the next 5 weeks as I give this sticker a try. Some will be easy, others will be a bit harder.

  1. AM meds
  2. PM meds
  3. 60 oz water a day
  4. Move for 20
  5. Read for 30
  6. Time for God
  7. 15-minute pickup

I only have 5 more habits to decide upon between now and Sunday when I want to start this.

What habits do you want to work on?