April 15, 2020

Whoops, I was into a book that I was reading and totally forgot to write the past two days.  So sad, hopefully, you can forgive me.

Monday both girls were off and they decided to clean their room.  Oh my, for the first time ever they managed to work in the room and make progress without fighting.  I was so impressed and hopeful.  They even decided on a couple of ways to organize the stuff, some things that they could get rid of or store because it was out of season.  I am so excited because there are actually spots where you can see the floor.

Both girls work for the same company.  One is in management and one just works when she is home.  Normally, I am thrilled with the company that they work for as they treat their employees very well.  Yesterday and today I am irritated with the branch that DD2 works for. She was scheduled to work on Tuesday evening, however, that morning she received a text from her professor who was moving the time of the class to late afternoon due to some internet problems.  Kristen called the store and told them about the problem, the Assistant manager didn’t believe her and said that she was just trying to get out of work.  Finally, they came up with an arrangement that would allow her to leave work, come home, take the class and then go back to work.  Then just before she was to leave, she received another message moving the class to later that night once again because of internet problems.  The assistant manager once again refused to work with her and said that she doesn’t want to work.  DD1 let the district manager know, who then called and talked to DD2 and then the store manager.  Hopefully, the schedule will be ok, but now there are several of the other employees that are made at Kristen and saying she doesn’t want to work.

Today, I was allowed back into my classroom.  I had to notify the head of maintenance, who met me at the school and let me in.  It was so strange to be in the building by myself.  Even when I have been there working on the weekends, someone else has been there.  It almost made me want to cry.  Then as I neared my classroom, I noticed that the mural that has been outside of my classroom since before I started teaching there has been painted over. This mural had originally been done by art students many years ago.  Today, it was gone.  Instead the school’s mascot is painted on the wall. I wonder how the students that originally painted the old mural will feel when they learn that it is gone.

We started online learning this week.   It is not mandatory but it is voluntary and encouraged.  We are to give detailed feedback, but no grades.  The work can’t hurt or help a student’s grades. I am impressed that after 2 days almost 1/2 of my students have logged on and completed the assignment.

Tomorrow, I am planning on attempting to shop at Walmart instead of ordering online.  I am getting tired of the strange substitutions that they tend to make.



I miss them.


Today my youngest DD started her online classes.  A couple of her professors just sent a message with what homework to work on, but two of her professors were online with a Google Hangout.  I was able to hear the professors talk to the students.  Basically, they spent some time going over what the new requirements would be for the class and how things would be handled, but what I heard repeatedly from them was how good it was to see their students, how much they had missed seeing them, how worried they were about the students and how they were doing, and how thrilled they were to “see” their students again.  All of them also said repeatedly, that they planned to still have office hours and if there was anything that the student needed, even if it wasn’t related to their class, to please come on and talk to them.  They are still there for their students.  As a parent, I loved hearing this.  It is nice to know that others care about my daughter and she is in good hands.

What struck me even more, is how much I miss my students.  There was no chance to really say goodbye to them.  Are they doing ok, are they following the stay at home rules, what about the one student that I haven’t seen since Christmas, is she doing ok?  So many questions, without any really good answers.

Bedtime with Luther


Today should have been the first day of my daughter’s spring break.  Last Sunday we were scheduled to pick her up from college this morning and bring her home for an extended stay until Easter.  All of those plans quickly fell apart and everything changed so quickly.  The new plan was to start spring break on Wednesday after taking their mid-terms on Tuesday.  The kids have made the most of this by starting Bedtime with Luther.

They actually have two different bedtimes every night.  Around 8:00 pm, one of the music professors does a Facebook Live “Bedtime Stories with MP”.  Each night he reads a children’s book online usually one that was a favorite of one of his kids.  He has a filter that puts a nightcap on his head while he reads.  If interested in this, search for Luther College Music Department on Facebook.  You should be able to see the past few videos.

And then at 9:00 or 9:30 pm several of my daughter’s friends get on Facebook Messenger Group Chat and have Bedtime stories with the girls. The girls each have a different night where they are reading a story to their friends online.  They are even including younger brothers or sisters that want to join in.  Last night Kristen’s roommate’s little brother Joey (11) was able to read to the girls.

Now that their campus semester has ended and they are completing the semester online, I hope that they are able to continue this until they meet again in August.