Minus one day.

For the first time since I joined this writing challenge a few years ago, I have missed a day. I knew it would happen at some point. Yesterday, was such a busy day with so many emotions, that I just totally forgot about writing. Too bad, because there were so many possible slice topics yesterday.

  1. My second Covid shot
  2. My daughter home from school and an early supper with the girls
  3. Kristen being reunited with the 3 kiddo’s that she has babysat for several years. They love her and really miss her. As soon as they saw her, they started begging their mom to leave and take dad, so Kristen could stay with them.
  4. The creative goodies that are trickling into my house in preparation for a stamping and card making weekend (all virtual) but hopefully, I will learn some new things.
  5. The death of a dear friend, an older gentleman, who had cancer. Kristen had bonded with him a few years ago when his wife died

Yes, many stories, but nothing was told. I will come back to this list and tell these stories in the next few days. I am also going to try and get one more entry in later today to make up for the missing one yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Minus one day.

  1. Someone once told me that just because the page is blank, doesn’t mean that the writing didn’t happen. Sometimes the words need time to ruminate; sometimes life just takes over.

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  2. Way to *come back* strong (rather than abandon, which I have done; what a mistake) and generate a great list, too. And: hurray for your vaccine.

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