Top 3

Author #Juliette Duncan sent out an email this morning asking what your favorite three books were. She then broke it down into 3 categories, Childhood, Young Adult Years and Currently.  After she talks about her 3 favorite, she then asked what are your three favorite books. This got me to thinking so I am going to try and come up with some of my favorite books over the years.

Childhood: I remember a childhood filled with books.  Every summer we would sign up and then complete the summer reading program at the local library. I remember the librarian telling me that I wouldn’t be able to read books from a section that was a tad bit harder reading than where I should have been at age why.  At the time, I thought she was trying to make sure that I read books for my level, but looking back, she was really pushing me to read up a level.  Everytime she told me that I couldn’t read that section yet, I had to prove her wrong.   I remember being so excited to learn to read in 1st grade, and yes the Dick and Jane books were apart of that experience. So much a beloved memory that I purchased a compilation book years later. Other memories include not only having a fully stocked school library, but the public library had a book mobile and they would come to the elementary school every so often.  Each class would go out to the book mobile and we could check out one or two books from the book mobile.  One of the books I remember reading over and over was Especially Sisters by Fern Powell. I also remember reading as many of the Nancy Drew books as I could get my hands on.

Young Adult: It will be harder to narrow down choices for this time period in my life. I don’t remember reading any specific book, I do remember reading and reading and reading.  We were required to keep a reading log during the high school years with a minimum of 1500 pages (if I remember right) read each quarter.  I usually hit the required number of pages for the year every quarter.  I do remember reading more by genre’s.  I guess, I can say that I honestly do not remember any specific books from this time period in my life.

Currently:  I am reading a wide variety of books.  I am into reading most of the Amish Fiction books, I am still reading Young Adult lit (part of the job I guess, but I do really enjoy books from this category), I love reading Historical Fiction, I also read quite a few books that have been suggested by my students. I would say at the moment however, my favorites are more by author.  I will read anything published by Joanna Campbell Slan and Laura Bradford (Elizabeth Lynn Casey).  Their books are usually pre-ordered the minute that I see that the next book is coming out.

So what are your favorite books of all time?  Can you chose or are you more like me and have a hard time narrowing the list down?  I am not even sure if I could pick my favorites from the books I read in 2016.