It’s too hard

I have been hearing this quite a bit lately.  It seems like any more people are more content to just stay with the easier way of doing something rather than grow and learn new material.  I am currently teaching research/informative papers and the students want to just use a URL for their citation, they don’t want to do the in-text citation, or a couple of students have informed me that they have already written their papers, but they still haven’t done the research.  One of the learning targets is to learn to use an academic database.  One student today informed me that was too hard.  They were just going to write the paper off of what they found when they googled it (I am only allowing 2 cites to be from Google and requiring 5 from the academic database provided by the AEA).  Excuse me, but how can you write the paper without doing the research?  The student’s comment was that is too hard.

Sadly, I am seeing this more and more and not just in the classroom.  That desire to learn and grow seems to be fading.  That desire to try something new is no longer. We seem to be content to just be.  We are missing out on so many things because we no longer try to push ourselves to become better.

What is it going to take to get people to care about becoming their best, how do we get people to stretch themselves and not be satisfied with the status quo?



The Importance of Books.

I just found this poem about how important books are and I can’t help but share it.  The poem was written by Kate Messner.  She has written several books including The Ranger in Time series, All the Answers, and The Seventh Wish.  Ok, she has actually written many more but that is all that I have read at this point.

Anyway go check out her poem “What Happened to your Book Today

Something I haven’t paid much attention to before.

This winter has been so weird.  Warmer than normal and then below 0 temperatures with super cold wind chills.  A couple of ice storms that led to some damage to my car and a neighbors vehicle, a few early outs, and late starts and now this.  There were several water main breaks in our city yesterday including a major line and a break close to my house.  This lead to a boil order for the city.  We were told it would be at least 24 hours until the all-clear was given.  Sadly it looks like it will be almost 48 hours until the all clear is given. It is surprising how much you miss something when you can’t have it.  No drinking water unless you boil the water for 1 minute before using.  The water is ok for showering and cleaning, however.  This gives me a new perspective for people who struggle with acceptable drinking water.

Handyman’s Holiday Hop

Handyman's Blog

A few weeks ago I happened to mention that I would be participating in a Handyman’s Holiday Blog Hop.  The challenge behind this was to take a 2inch paint brush and alter the brush for one of the fall holidays. I was a bit nervous at first, I am quite good at following directions and recreating something, but not so good at creating my own unique look.  While we were free to choose from any fall holiday, I, of course, had to pick Christmas it is my favorite holiday after all. While my paintbrush is not as elaborate as some of the others, I am good with it because I usually try to keep my work simple, with a clean look to it. I am also quite happy with this project as I used stuff I already had on hand.  Besides the paint brush, I didn’t have to purchase anything.

P1030459 I started with a basic 2-inch paint brush.  The package I purchased came with 2 brushes.  I am thinking that I might try my hand at a graduation paint brush.  Shhhh that will be a secret (here is hoping that my daughters don’t read my blog). I was trying to decide what color to paint my brush when I remembered that I had some alcohol inks left over from a project several years ago and haven’t used them since.  I used both a red and a green for the brush, I am quite happy with the finished look of the wood after using the inks. I need to remember to play with the alcohol inks more often.



P1030462I found a couple of ribbons that I thought would be fun and add to the Christmasy feel.

Next step was a few snowflake stickers to go with the snowflake ribbon and the Christmas/Winter feeling.

I continued adding embellishments and stickers that would complement the Christmas theme.


The finished front side of the brush and below is the finished back side.


Thank you for joining us on the Handyman’s Holiday Hop. Make the rounds and be inspired. The next stop is D’s Paper Studio with guest blogger Beth Williams. Anytime you get lost a list of blogs is on D’s Paper Studio at

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Trying something new tonight.  I enjoy watching unboxing video’s on Youtube, so I decided to give it a try tonight.  I tried an unboxing of the Erin Condren Seasonal Box unboxing for this fall.  If you are interested and want to watch it check out this link.

Handyman’s Holiday Hop

draft a4

In October I will be participating in a Handyman’s Holiday Blog Hop.  The goal is to alter a 2-inch paintbrush and turn it into a holiday decoration.  Currently, I am leaning towards something for Christmas, but who knows the brush may speak to me and tell me that it wants to be something else for a different holiday.  Please join me for this blog hop.  Should be fun with several creative ideas.

August just flew by

August just seemed to fly by this year.  Between getting ready for back to school, marching band camp for my youngest, taking her to Des Moines for a 14 day stint at the Iowa State Fair (I should probably take some time to write about the Iowa State Fair), two trips to the state fair myself, visiting a couple of friends in Ames, and starting back to school, I am surprised that I was able to get anything done.  Let’s check on how I did with my summer goals:

Goal # 1

I managed to read 8 books this month.  Not bad considering all of the driving I was doing, plus the days spent at the State Fair. Overall I did manage to read 21 books this summer, not too shabby considering everything else going on.  I have fallen behind my goal but should be able to get caught up with the school year starting.

Books I read were:


The Runaway Brida and the Orphaned Twins

Forever Cherished

The Christmas Play


So. B. It

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Last Summer at Eden

Goal # 2

Crafting Time: I didn’t get much crafting time at all in August, I was either on the road or just plain exhausted much of the time.  This should pick up more this fall again.

Goal # 3

DeClutter this house.  Nope, not much of that happened at all, besides the flooding of the basement in July. This seems to be an ongoing process as I slowly go through things and try to get stuff organized.

Goal # 4

Filing, I really hate to do this, but it looks like I should just force myself to sit down and get it down.  I could probably get totally caught up and a bunch of stuff thrown away which would help Goal # 3 if I would just spend a few hours doing this chore.  Anyone want to come and sit with me while I work on the filing?

Goal # 5

Writing More, totally gave up on this goal.  I did manage to get a couple of blog posts down this summer, but that is about it.  I need to tear myself away from the computer and Facebook and spend some time just writing.

Goal # 6

School stuff, I did manage to get a few extra things done and ready for school to start but no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to be 100% ready by the first day of classes.  Guess that there is always next year.

Thinking that maybe I should take some time and come up with a few fall goals, even though several if not all of my summer goals will make it to the fall goals list.


So what kinds of goals do you have for this summer.