Life Continues

It seems like so long ago that I wrote anything. Hard to believe that the COVID-19 pandemic that began almost a year ago is still affecting our lives today. Even with so many things changing life goes on.

This morning before the school day began we had a sendoff for our Girl’s Basketball team as they left for the Iowa State Tournament. And then shortly after class started we were interrupted with the sirens from the firetrucks as they gave the team a sendoff throughout town. Throughout all of the changes many things have been allowed to go on and one of those things has been high school and college athletics. Changes have been made, the number of in-person spectators has been lowered and live streaming has become a thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I am glad that the kids still get to have a season, they need it. But what about our performing arts kids? Are they getting the same considerations as the athletes?

My daughter is a music major and they have had one band concert this entire year. They were spread out on the stage, no one was allowed in to watch the concert, the school did stream it, but they didn’t use near the cameras that they have in the past. Yes, I was able to watch at home, but it wasn’t the same thing. I talked to my daughter afterwards and she mentioned how hard it was to play without the applause at the end. That applause is something that the performing arts crown lives for. The athletes are still allowed to have people in-person, so they get to hear the cheering and applause, but it is not there for the musicians or the thespians. The performance hall at my daughter’s college seats over 1000 people. I am sure that they could find a way to allow for a least a percentage of people to be in the performance hall, to hear the concert in person.

What message are we sending to these kids? Sadly, for some, the message is that the athletes are more important than the performing arts kids. This message comes across in good times, but now with the restrictions in place the performing arts kids are feeling even more like second class students.

4 thoughts on “Life Continues

  1. This bugs me to no end. Basketball in gyms full of “masked” people? Yes! A concert with limited seating and masks required? No!

    The double standard makes me ill because ALL performers live for their respective crowds. Why would one set be treated in a way that is different that the other?

    This one hurts because I am a firm believer that fine arts will take you so much further in life that any sport will be able to do. It’s a life long skill that cannot be undone.

    Thank you for this firmly written slice! I look forward to “seeing” more of you this month! šŸ™‚

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  2. I do not understand why this type of programmatic inequity persists in schools. That is certainly the way it was 25 years ago when I was in school but why now? Why do sports, which include a small percentage of students, rule supreme.

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