Not Done, but it is Okay

I had a long list of things that I wanted to accomplish before Kristen’s graduation and party.  Here is an update on how I am doing.  I didn’t come close to finishing everything, especially the scrapbooks/photo albums.  But you know what, that is okay.  We will put out what I have done and the rest of it will wait.  I will be able to finish these albums up during the summer and next school year.  I am sure that her party will still be okay. Because of course, it isn’t about having the perfect party, but instead about the family and friends that come to help us celebrate.

  1. Guest sign in book
  2. Card box
  3. Drama album
  4. Volleyball album
  5. Basketball album
  6. Freshman album
  7. Sophomore album
  8. Junior album
  9. Senior album
  10. Baby album
  11. Preschool album
  12. grade school albums
  13. Middle school albums
  14. Baby album
  15. Preschool album
  16. 300 mints made (Kristen can do this while on break)  March 27
  17. Congrats banner
  18. Cards for her and all of the other friends graduating
  19. Early years display board (Kristen can work on)
  20. Kindergarten-8th-grade display board (Kristen can work on)
  21. High school display board (Kristen can work on)
  22. 4-H display board (Kristen can work on)
  23. Brownie Mortar board cakes
  24. Open house invitation designed (will order mid-April)
  25. Guest List created (Kristen can do this while on break this week.)
  26. Senior Picture book made and ordered
  27. I’m done and I’m starting posters made for the photo shoot.  April 4
  28. Party Signs April 4
    1. Instagram
    2. Leave advice
    3. address an envelope