Summer has ended, What a ride

As I write this we have completed 4 days of school already.  I really intended to write more often this summer but so much has happened.  Yes, you already knew that my youngest was graduating from high school and would be off to college this fall, but oh my what a ride this summer has been.

The first weekend after graduation both Kurt and Kristen were scheduled to receive awards in the Des Moines/Ames area.  We left on Friday so that Kurt could be inducted into the Iowa Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Honor.

Then on Sunday Kristen received one of the state 4-H scholarships.  Cool side note here, her older cousin received that same scholarship 2 years before.

Sarah and I were thrilled to be along for the ride and a chance to leave home for a couple of days.

June also saw Kristen traveling to Mexico on a cruise ship with the high school band, orientation at Luther for her freshman year and then ended with the state youth conference sponsored by 4-H.  As a state council member she was in on the planning stages of this conference and had a blast.  I know that she is going to miss her year on the state 4-H youth council and has made many friends and memories that will be with her forever.

July brought the county fairs.  First up was our county fair.  Kristen had a good showing at the fair for her final year in 4-H, ended up the overall pet champion, and was selected to represent Clinton County at the state fair in 4 different areas of communications.  She was also named Reserve Outstanding Senior exhibitor.  But then there was also this little surprise,

We had no idea that she would be named the 2019 County Fair Queen.  For the past couple of years, our fair has gone with the oldest girl, wanting someone older to represent them at the state fair.  Kristen was just hoping for Princess.  Fair week just got a tad bit busier and plans would now have to be changed for working the State Fair.  Kristen had interviewed and received one of the paying positions for the 4-H building at the state fair.  Now, she would miss a total of 5 days, 2 set up days and then the first 3 days at the fair.

July ended with Kristen and I working the Jackson County Fair, something we enjoy doing.  We have met many people by working this fair.  It is also fun to be on a different side of the fair.

The beginning of August saw me traveling to Ames for Eng-Camp.  A one day professional development for English Teachers hosted by the ICTE.  I enjoyed myself at this camp and plan on returning next year.  After this is when August becomes just a tad bit crazy.  Kristen came home from camp and then had to pack for two weeks at the Iowa State Fair.  The fun part was she had to pack at a paid employee, a 4-H’er involved in communications and as a fair queen.  I am so thankful that Sarah made the trip with me on the 6th to take Kristen out to the Youth Inn and check her in, Sarah then went with me again on the 7th to pick her up from the 4-H side of things and take her to the fair queen side of things.  What an awesome experience Kristen had and so many wonderful girls that she met.  There were 101 fair queens all vying to be the State Fair Queen.  Kristen didn’t really want to be the state fair queen as she would have had to give up her 4-H stuff and this was her last year at the state fair as a 4-Her.

Kurt, Sarah and I went out to the state fair for the queen crowning.  This was fun as it was Kurt’s first trip to the state fair since he was in high school.  Not only had it been awhile since he was at the state fair, he was able to see a totally different part of the fair then what he had seen when he was showing cattle.

While she missed her fair queen friends, Kristen was excited to get back into the 4-H part of the fair.  She moved back into the Youth Inn right away Saturday night and began working at 8 AM Sunday morning.  During this final week, Kristen also competed in Educational Presentation, Working Exhibits, Share the Fun and Extemporaneous speaking.  All but Share the Fun is judged at this level and Kristen earned a Seal of Merit for all 3 areas.  What a way to end her 4-H career.

I of course had to go back to work and missed 3 out her last 4 performances.  The school year was getting ready to begin and of course we had meetings on that Wednesday and Thursday.  I managed to make it to the state fair about 60 minutes after she had finished her share the fun.  Kristen chose to sing and tap dance to “Forget About the Boy” from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  A friend went out with me to the state fair so that I would have some company walking around the fair.  She had been there a couple of times when she was younger so this was like showing someone the fair that had never been there.

At last we were able to come home.  Now it was time to pack up and get ready for College for Kristen and to finish getting ready for the school year for me.

This year I needed the school year to happen so that I could get rested up from the summer.  I am tired just thinking about my summer.

Now that my husband and I are almost empty nester’s and I spend most nights home by myself until he gets home, I am going to try and write more often.  My goal is going to be blogging every Tuesday for sure.  Once I get into this habit, I hope to add another day or two.  Hoping everyone had a great summer and that you are now preparing for the school year/fall season etc.