A late gift

My youngest daughter, Kristen, a junior at Luther college came home today for her “rest” weekend. The school decided to take away spring break and instead is giving the students a one day break. She brought home a Valentine’s gift for me today. It is a cute little heart shaped clipboard that says Teaching is a Work of Heart. Nothing to expensive, but it is really cute. The best part is what was clipped to the board. There was a baggie with 21 strips of paper with a note on them. (She is 21) and then another note that read, “For being the best teacher for the past 21 years. Here are 21 things you have taught me.

  1. Sticking up for myself
  2. How to care
  3. How to read
  4. That I am important
  5. How to cook
  6. How to sew
  7. How to be the best me I can be
  8. How to fight for what is right
  9. Work Ethic
  10. Everyone is special and you shouldn’t judge
  11. How to get along with people even if you don’t want to
  12. How to drive
  13. How to get through hard times you don’t think you can
  14. What it means to love someone
  15. How to be happy
  16. How to take care of myself
  17. How to show compassion for others
  18. To think before speaking
  19. To always take responsibility no matter the consequences
  20. How to work hard to get somewhere
  21. How to be a great teacher (she is a junior, pre-service teacher)

I will admit that my eyes were just a tad bit watery when I was done reading through the list. I feel confident that she will do well in this world as she transitions away from college and into the work force.

3 thoughts on “A late gift

  1. My goodness, that was such an incredible gift to be given by your daughter! I am thankful that colleges are nixing the spring breaks this year, and to have that day to come home and give you this present was amazing.

    Thank you for sharing this precious slice with us! šŸ™‚

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  2. What a lovely gift that I KNOW you will cherish for many years to come, times that your mind will drift to the thoughtfulness represented with each strip.

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