Exciting Day

Yesterday, after getting a couple of pickups with missing/wrong items, I decided to brave it and do my Walmart shopping in person. What a change, a line to get in, waiting until the door opens, being counted as I entered the store.  Once inside, it seemed like normal shopping, well except for the fact that the toilet paper aisle was empty and that they are only allowing you to purchase 1 box of tissues.  My girls and I have allergies, one box at a time will not work.  It is really sad when I consider that going to Walmart is a highlight of my day and or week.

April 16th was scheduled to be opening day at our local minor league ballpark.  Instead, they opened the concessions and served carryout orders. It was fun to order ballpark food for lunch.  What a turnout.  The food was available from noon-6pm and you had to place your order and pay online or by calling the office ahead of time.  Our pickup time was 12:30, but the line of cars was long and we didn’t get our food until 1:15.  It was fun to have some baseball types of food; cheeseburgers, and the garbage pail.


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