New Life


About 5 weeks ago, my mother called to let me know that she was a great-grandma.  This surprised me for a couple of reasons

  1. My girls are the oldest grandchildren at 26 and 20.
  2. The next oldest grandchild is 15
  3. When we last saw everyone at Christmas no one looked pregnant.

Turns out my niece was pregnant and managed to hide it.  Of course with this new little life in the family, he needed something special from his great-aunt.  I was debating what to make him when I came across a special baby album.  I was worried that it was going to take a while to make since I could only work on it during the weekends and not even all of the weekends.  COVID-19 to the rescue and suddenly I had every day free to work on this album.  I finally finished it up today and am actually quite pleased with how it turned out.  It does take some time to make and uses a ton of cardstock pages, but it is so cute and the design would work perfectly for so many things besides just a baby album.

Thinking that this would be perfect as a school album, one page per year plus the pockets to hold papers, a senior year album, maybe a vacation album (one page per day), the first year of marriage, and I am sure that there are even more ideas.  Just change up the paper that you use.

I can’t wait to make more of these for people as a special gift.  In the meantime, back to some regular scrapping and card making.

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