A couple of days ago, I wrote about Sunday memories with my Holst Grandparents.  I was blessed to have both sets of Grandparents (Holst and Steinhagen) in my life until after I married. I also have memories with two of my great-grandparents and pictures that prove I met another great-grandpa.  I have fond memories of Grandma Helble, she died when I was 7, and Great-grandpa Steinhagen, he passed when I was in 6th grade.  Otto Steinhagen was an amazing man.  Before he passed away, I was one of 80 great-grandchildren and he knew all of us by name and site.  I also have a picture with my Great Grandpa Lafrenz, I was only about 18 months old when he passed away so I don’t really remember him at all.

Sadly, my girls haven’t been as lucky with grandparents.  When Sarah was born, she had three great-grandparents and two grandparents alive.  Kurt’s mom passed away when he was a freshman in college and my dad passed away almost 2 years after we were married and 2 1/2 years before we had Sarah.  Kurt’s dad was never the loving grandfather and when Kristen was born, the comment was made that they were sorry it wasn’t a boy.  My mom tried with Sarah, but she was still working full time.  The only thing that helped was that Sarah was the first and only grandchild.  Mom was still working full time when Kristen was born, so she often heard when you are older, and potty trained you can spend time with grandma (by the way, she potty trained earlier than any of the other 3 grandchildren.)  Sarah doesn’t remember great-grandma Jochimsen that well (she was 3 when she passed away), but she does have a baby blanket that was crocheted for her by this great-grandma.  Both girls do remember their Steinhagen great-grandparents.  Kristen barely remembers them as she was only 3 when grandpa passed away and 5 when grandma passed away

I feel bad that my girls do not have cozy loving memories of their grandparents.  If I ever become a grandparent, I want my grandchild to know that they are loved and hopefully I will be able to give them these loving memories.


3 thoughts on “Grandparents

  1. I feel like I was looking through an old photo album as you described your family history. You painted your family members well. I truly enjoyed reading this Slice. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. This resonates with me. Sometimes you want to transplant your memories to your children. I often fight for it, feeling like I am working with a Lego set with missing pieces. My mother is just a terrible person, she can barely take care of herself. And my MIL is self-involved and only good with children for about 10 minutes twice a year. I see other people with nurturing parents who adore their children and it makes me jealous. I feel like I am too old to feel this way, but are we ever, really? We are all just children inside yearning, and it is okay to be disappointed. I feel you.


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