Sunday Memories


This staying home has finally led to a day where I couldn’t find something to write about.  To solve this problem I pulled up a list of journal prompts that I give to my students looking for just the perfect one.  I finally found the perfect prompt for me, write about Sunday memories.

Some of my earliest Sunday memories include my grandparents and church.  I remember sitting in church with my family including my grandparents.  I remember my grandmother teaching me about how to read during church.  She would hold the hymnal down so that I could see it also and then she would use her finger to help me to follow along with the words.  This was before I was even in school. During the sermon, grandma would reward me with a sour cherry piece of candy.  I loved these candies.  I wish I could find them again, but I don’t believe that they are made anymore.

After church, Grandpa and Grandma Holst would take my brother and I out to eat.  We usually went to Chef’s Hat in Bettendorf. All 4 of us would get the same meal, chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and the salad bar.  My grandmother, brother, and I would get the 2 piece chicken dinner and Grandpa always had the 3 piece dinner.  They had some of the best friend chicken I had ever had.  I wonder if it would taste as good now.

So many wonderful memories of my grandparents, I really wish my children could have known their great grandparents.  My girls were gypped when it comes to grandparents, but that is for another slice.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Memories

  1. Your last line is compelling! I want to hear THAT story!
    Such lovely memories with your grandparents and church. The sour candies reminded me of a time in church when I was a child. The woman in front of us turned around and offered each of us a rootbeer flavored life savor. I thought that was so nice until the end of the service when my mother scolded us all, explaining that the woman had given us life savors to SHUT US UP!

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