Silver Lining


Throughout all of this craziness, we have been trying to find the good in things.  So many good things have come out of this time of social distancing.  Just today these two things have happened for our family.

  1. Both girls work for the same company but different branches.  One is a full-time employee and management.  The other one is part-time, works when she is home from college and sees this job as nothing more than a chance to earn money for college. Today the girls found out that the company is going to pay all of their hourly employees’ hazard pay during this time period.  They are each receiving $2.00 more per hour.  Salaried employees are also getting more money each week. I find this to be extremely generous of the company.
  2. A restaurant in the area has decided during this time to not only have their carry-out business but to offer delivery to business during this time. Not only are they delivering to the local businesses, but they are also choosing a business each day to provide free meals.  My husband is the IT for our local school district and one of only 5 employees left at the administration building.  Today, they were notified that they would be receiving a free box meal from this business.

While I am not fond of staying home and I miss my students and co-workers, I am really enjoying discovering how nice so many others are during this time.

4 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. It is nice to see the kindness that is coming out of all this but I also miss my classroom and my students.I hope your family remains safe and healthy working away from home during this time. I’m sure your husband is under a huge amount of pressure if it’s anything like what’s happening in my school district. Be well!

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  2. Sometimes I refuse to see the positive. I s teamed through my car window at men playing golf together, yesterday, raging “You’re not six feet apart, assholes!!”

    I think your blog is reminding me that I’m too angry and I can choose to focus elsewhere.

    There is kindness…if we look.

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