Buying a used car?


This staying at home thing is making it harder to find a slice to write about for my day.  Currently, we have 2 cars for 3 drivers.  That is not a problem at the moment since I have nowhere to go and both my daughter and husband need to go to work.  I wrote about this yesterday, but someday soon we will hopefully need another car.  My DD 2 would love a vehicle of her own.  I have seen some used cars advertised for between $3000-4000.  We have never purchased a used car before except from a dealer.  My daughter has the idea that the refund from her room and board along with the extra 2 months of working might be enough to purchase one of these cars.  I love this idea, but at the some time, I am really worried about the quality of a car purchased for this price.  She is hoping that when she returns to school in August that she will have her own vehicle.  I agree, that it would make things easier especially at breaks.  No 7 hour drives to bring her home for a week or so.  Hopefully, we will have a few weeks to consider this and see what happens.

Anyone have any advice regarding purchasing one of the older cheaper used cars?


One thought on “Buying a used car?

  1. >Anyone have any advice regarding purchasing one of the older cheaper used cars?<

    The biggest thing, do your research. We've always been rather cautious about buying cars and always look around to see if cars have horrible reviews! CarGuru is great place to start. I like the site because it gives you reviews, but also pricing information as well.


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