Thanks for putting my family at risk


Both of my daughters and my husband still have to work through this COVID-19 situation.  Their places of employment are trying to be proactive and if anyone has traveled within the last few weeks they are required to quarantine themselves from work for 14 days without pay. My husband is an IT for our local school district.  Even though the schools are closed for the required 4 weeks (they had spring break last week) he still has to work.  Today was their first day back after their break.  Even with a travel ban in effect many still went on their planned spring breaks.  Now they have to stay away for 14 days.  A few of them are also in quarantine for health reasons.  Now a few have more work to do because some of the others made a poor decision.  Not upset about the few that can no longer work because of health concerns, but the others are getting an extra two week paid vacation while a few do more work during this time.

My girls work for a convince store that sells gas and basic staple food items (milk, bread, juice, meat, produce) so they are considered essential and get to stay open.  The one’s store has had several people who recently traveled outside of the country and were required to go into quarantine, including the store manager, who showed up at the store a couple of times during this quarantine time.) The other one has people with health concerns wanting her to work their hours since she is now home from college.  What they are not understanding is that she still has to get online during her normally scheduled class time for her classes, she still has to study, and she still has to practice.

To these people, I just want to say, thanks for increasing my family’s risk.  And for possibly extending this risk for all of us.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for putting my family at risk

  1. We had a group from our area travel to South Carolina, come back, and brag about the trip. It should surprise me, but it doesn’t anymore, which is sad. People don’t see the greater good as worth their time any more. That will be our downfall, we aren’t willing to sacrifice what is needed to get better.

    *sigh* I know how you feel.

    Be well! 🙂


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