Random Thoughts


Hard to believe it has been a week since our world changed.  When we woke up last Sunday all was still somewhat normal.  Then we found out that DD 2 would be getting an extended spring break and we had to scramble to figure out how to get her home.  Then the phone call came saying we wouldn’t have school for 4 weeks until after Easter.  Later this all church services were canceled, Kristen had her school year canceled for in-person classes and will be completing the semester at home.  We are now waiting to see when we will be allowed to come to clean out her room.

Through all of this craziness, there have been some bright spots.

  1. A Zoom meeting with several friends
  2. Church starting to live stream both church service and Adult Bible Study
  3. Another church doing communion alphabetically and allowing us to attend. Don’t worry it is just the family and pastor with everything being disinfected between groups.
  4. The girls are actually working together to get their room clean and organized (considering they will be sharing it for the 5 1/2 months at least.
  5. Getting some much-needed cleaning and organizing done in the house (slowly)
  6. More time to read
  7. More time to craft


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