Bedtime with Luther


Today should have been the first day of my daughter’s spring break.  Last Sunday we were scheduled to pick her up from college this morning and bring her home for an extended stay until Easter.  All of those plans quickly fell apart and everything changed so quickly.  The new plan was to start spring break on Wednesday after taking their mid-terms on Tuesday.  The kids have made the most of this by starting Bedtime with Luther.

They actually have two different bedtimes every night.  Around 8:00 pm, one of the music professors does a Facebook Live “Bedtime Stories with MP”.  Each night he reads a children’s book online usually one that was a favorite of one of his kids.  He has a filter that puts a nightcap on his head while he reads.  If interested in this, search for Luther College Music Department on Facebook.  You should be able to see the past few videos.

And then at 9:00 or 9:30 pm several of my daughter’s friends get on Facebook Messenger Group Chat and have Bedtime stories with the girls. The girls each have a different night where they are reading a story to their friends online.  They are even including younger brothers or sisters that want to join in.  Last night Kristen’s roommate’s little brother Joey (11) was able to read to the girls.

Now that their campus semester has ended and they are completing the semester online, I hope that they are able to continue this until they meet again in August.


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