A day of ups and downs.



What a day.  So many things going on happening today.  Both girls had to work at 6:00, thankfully I didn’t have to get up and take the younger one to work. I was looking forward to a peaceful and quiet day at home.  The morning had barely begun when the toilet backed up.  We only have one toilet so that is a problem.  Both of my daughters work for Kwik Star but at separate stores.  The youngest was so thrilled to see her mother so early in the morning.  She was even more thrilled when she discovered that the main reason I was there was to use the toilet.

Only a couple of short hours later the plumber arrived.  He spent less than 15 minutes working on the toilet and then charged me $70.00.  I think that I might have gone into the wrong profession.

Mid-afternoon the email came through that my youngest has been dreading.  Luther College will be closed for the semester.  All learning will take place online.  Now I get to listen to the girls fight even more.

I can’t wait to see what exciting things will happen tomorrow.  At least we are not getting bored staying at home.

3 thoughts on “A day of ups and downs.

  1. So, which is worse? The backed up toilet or listening to arguing?
    I’m so sad that so many of our young people have to give up the last part of their college year. That would have crushed me!


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