Worth the $


Keeping my house clean while working full time, with a husband and two girls that were active has always been a struggle for me.  So a couple of years ago I jumped on the bandwagon of paying someone to come clean my house twice a month for me.  While my house is still not perfect yet, let me tell you there is nothing better than coming home and walking into a clean house.  Unless of course, I was smart enough to put supper in the crockpot.  Then I come home to a clean house and supper almost done.  Coming home to a clean house every couple of weeks, helps to motivate me to get it organized.  Sadly, however, that is taking longer than I would like.  But I will get my house put together and in the meantime, Thanks so much to the person who comes in and cleans my house.


5 thoughts on “Worth the $

  1. It’s a really good thing to do for yourself. I tried it years ago and came home to shiny clean floors and freshly wiped everything for exactly 2 weeks until I figured what I was paying the housecleaner was the same I could be paying for our daughters first computer, and old 2 e apple. It was the right choice, but I sure loved those two weeks!


  2. It is something worth spending money on if it makes your life easier! (I never thought of having dinner in the crock pot on the same day the house gets cleaned. That is a win-win since chances are any prep from the crock pot dinner will be cleaned up before the house gets cleaned.)


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