Surprise Guest


For the past week and a half my youngest daughter has been throwing a fit, complaining,  and otherwise making me miserable because her sister wasn’t going to be coming home to see the Musical.  I don’t know how many times I heard, I went to all of her stuff and she never goes to any of my stuff.  Yes, but that is because you were little and didn’t have a choice, your sister is away and in college. It was so bad that she wouldn’t answer the phone if Sarah was calling, wouldn’t respond to messages from Sarah or anything and was stating rather loudly, that there was no way she was going to go to Sarah’s graduation.  p1020481-2Needless to say, Sarah has been planning on coming home this weekend to surprise Kristen.  She left college Friday morning (no class on Friday), stopped to see Grandma on the way home, arriving home around noon.  The fun started at 2:50, when Sarah went into hiding in her dad’s comic book room for 3 hours so that Kristen would not be any wiser.  While at the high school waiting to be able to go into the theater, Kristen walked right past us, she was so focused that she didn’t see any of us.  The best part was her reaction after the show, when she was Sarah walk out of the theater.

p1020482They may not always get along, but it is evident that they love each other.

Operation Surprise was a success.


3 thoughts on “Surprise Guest

  1. This hasn’t happened with us, yet. Youngest gets a bit irate because oldest is at Iowa State and “opens my snaps, but never replies”. Operation Surpise will move its way north and enjoy the very similar results I’m sure! 🙂


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