Busy day today



For a Sunday, there was quite a bit going on.  First, we had church this morning and then rushed home, so that Kristen could get ready to go and meet the rest of the cast for lunch. After lunch the third and final performance of Willy Wonka.  My older daughter Sarah then accompanied me to the Fair Appreciation dinner.  Now, I am ready for bed but Kristen still isn’t home.  The musical was at 2 and ended around 4.  Of course, there was the strike and cast party afterwards, but with the limited set, that should not have taken long.  Why did the person in charge decide that today would be a good time to make everyone stay for many hours after the performance to organize the old pool/storage area?  This would have been better on a Saturday or a couple of nights after school, once the musical was over with.  Yet another reason we need someone who knows what they are doing in charge.


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