Slow Food


slice-of-life_individualNot much out of the unusual or anything that I would consider worthy of being written about happened today.  Was a typical day at school, except there were no bells as the high school was hosting the N.E.I.B.A. middle school band contest.  And then of course we had a tornado/disaster drill.  Seems like we just did that two days ago, but then it wasn’t a drill. Since yesterday was my husband’s payday, today I went grocery shopping after school.  The school day ends at 3:00 and we are free to go at 3:30, however I didn’t get home until almost 7:30.  While at Hy-Vee my husband was able to join me when he was off work. This is unusual, usually I just get the groceries by myself or if I am lucky with one of the girls.  I remember a time when I could never shop on my own, now if I have company it is unusual.  Anyway after Hy-Vee we headed up to Fareway for meat.  Love their meat and that I can have it packaged in the size I want.  Should have saved the produce for Fareway also.  Cheaper and fresher looking than Hy-Vee.  Since it was 6:30 and we were both tired and hadn’t been home (plus the dishes are dirty, trying to get a teen to do the dishes when she is supposed to, is difficult but that should be another story) so we decided to run and get fast food.  Now there was nothing fast about tonight’s meal. The restaurant was almost empty when we arrived. We placed our order and then went to the other side of the counter to wait for pickup.  I had to laugh as there was a large trophy that was labeled Freaky Fast Friday.  It took almost 20 minutes for our meal to arrive, so I am not sure if they won that trophy or if they are only able to be fast on Friday’s or what the story is behind the trophy. I have never seen it there before, but usually receive my order much faster than I did tonight.  At least this time they didn’t mess up my order to bad, a small mistake where many times when we get home they have forgotten several items.  Thinking it would have been faster to go home and fix something for supper.

2 thoughts on “Slow Food

  1. This reminded me of some Small Moment writing I’ve done with my students and most recently with teachers. I like that you wrote about something ordinary in your day. You paint a pretty clear picture of what that restaurant was like–I’m wondering more about what it looked and smelled like in there and appreciating the details you chose to showcase–especially the trophy. Ha! Glad you posted.


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