Random thoughts

slice-of-life_individualIt is time once again for the Two Writing Teacher’s Slice of Life (#SOL17) challenge.  This will be my second year attempting the challenge.  Last year was my first year, so today this blog is celebrating its first birthday.  I wasn’t sure when I started if I could keep up. I was happy to actually make it through the entire first month.  I was struggling with my topic for today and decided that maybe I should do a brain dump, and just write about many different things on my mind.

  • Still, can’t believe this winter’s weather. Wow 2 years in a row without a snow day, record highs in February (70-80 degree temps), and then the tornado warnings yesterday.  Can’t remember having tornado’s this early in the season before.
  • Normally March is known for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, this year I think that February went out like a lion on PMS.
  • Wondering why we have a 20-year-old college dropout in charge of the drama program at my daughter’s high school.  She is not qualified, has no training, and is making choices that are not the best, like picking a play with 8 parts for a 4A school.
  • Thrilled that my daughter was finally able to participate in Speech after trying to be involved for 3 years.  Glad we finally have a speech teacher that knows what he is doing. So excited that she is headed to State for spontaneous speaking (not her strongest point in 4-H communications).
  • Looking forward to having Sarah home for a few days again soon.
  • Wishing I had a week off where there was nothing expected of me, I want to hole up in my craft room and not come out.  So far behind on so many different things.
  • That same thing is true for school. Need about 2 days at school with no students or classes, so that I can get caught up, clean my room and file things, and work on the next unit.
  • I love using Canvas and can’t wait until next year when I have most things already set up and ready to go on Canvas.  I am sure that while it is taking extra time this year, it will make things easier in the long run.
  • I was so thrilled yesterday during my last block class.  We were finishing up reading Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.  One of my students came to me before class started to express her concern, frustration, joy, disappointment, with the ending of the story. Made my teacher’s heart happy to hear how this book affected her and then as we discussed it, affected many of the students in the class.  Loved listening to them figure out who the Mockingbird was in the book and arguing (discussing) with their classmates.  Hoping today’s last block class gets it as well as yesterday’s.

I have heard it said that a women’s brain has a million things going on in their heads.  I would have to agree with that assessment.

So what are your random thoughts like?

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