Today we have early out and yet another round of professional development.  The way we do our PD is a total waste of time.  Yes, this year my department has spent time discussing what to give a former teacher from our department for her wedding, decorating for Halloween and how Halloween is most people’s favorite holiday.  Another time was spent griping out some of the teachers in other departments.

I have nothing against PD, but would like it to be an actual chance to learn something.  However, we can’t take the time to really learn something. Instead, we have to come up with something to study at the beginning of the year, then we spend time developing a lesson and testing the students.   The problem is that we are always interrupting the students to give them a lesson and test them over something that we aren’t working on at the moment.  So our data is not authentic to what we are learning.

I want to spend time learning something that is relevant to my students and what I teach.  I will continue to grow and develop on my own as a teacher, sharing what I have learned.


8 thoughts on “PD

  1. I hear you! Too many new initiatives, too many forced initiatives. I’d much rather spend extended time on things I choose to learn about!


  2. You are not alone. I had many years of PD full of pointless talk. The PD is different now. But, still not personal for me. I guess we have to just hang in there and support each other. Good for you for having the desire to learn.


  3. Teachers are so busy, it is very difficult to waste time when you really wish you could be learning. I’ve experienced my share of excellent PD and the kind you are talking about. Hope this changes for you in the future.


  4. Not sure what you describe really can be called “professional development.” So sorry it sucked up your time. And I feel sad since you obviously want to collaborate, work, create, plan…design.
    We develop as professionals first by taking teacher time seriously, (each others) and then by figuring out the best way to teach.
    I never had a great grade level team, although I know teachers who have. My pd partners are teachers from writing project.


  5. Professional Development is such a personal thing, and often it feels like it is being done TO us, rather than FOR or WITH us. I have been on teams where, during PD time, nothing has gotten accomplished, and it is quite frustrating. Do you have the opportunity or closeness with your team to discuss the time being spent and how it could be better spent?


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