End of the Quarter

The Quarter ends tomorrow, so of course, today the emails begin.  Why is my grade so low, what can I do to bring my grade up, can I do a book talk?

Remember at the beginning of the semester when I talk about doing the book talks as you go and not waiting until the end?  No, you are only allowed to do one book talk a day.  Shouldn’t have waited until the end.  Really, you read a 600-page book over the weekend, but it has taken you an entire semester to read that 200-page book?

Can I come in after school to make up my test?  I am sorry but I have a meeting right after school and you were supposed to make up that test 2 weeks ago.  But, I didn’t have time then.  But I saw you walking the hallways before school every day for the past month.

Can I still submit that paper that was due back in January?  No, I am sorry it is two months past the due date.

But my Dad is going to be mad and I am going to be grounded for Spring Break.  Really, I am sorry, maybe you can use that time to read a book or think about how you will do things better for 4th quarter.  Oh, and be glad that the 3rd quarter grade doesn’t go on your transcript.


2 thoughts on “End of the Quarter

  1. As the parent of two children who have (almost) successfully navigated high school, thank you for not giving second chances. That is the only way that they learn. I know how hard it must be to have to stick to your guns, but know that you are teaching them some of the most vital life lessons. They are kids and their brains aren’t done growing yet, but they won’t learn consequences if no one give them any.
    Thank you.


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