Lunch Time

When I first started teaching at Central we were lucky to have a small closet for the teacher’s lunchroom.  And I do mean small closet.  We were lucky if 4 people could fit in there around a card table.  Then one day the powers to be decided it was time to start remodeling and building on to the high school.  We are now in our 4th lunch room/teacher’s work room.  When the first stage of the remodel was finished, we were moved into a portion of the old cafeteria.  A new cafeteria/kitchen was built on and we felt so lucky to have this new space.  One of the first things we did was have a pot luck to celebrate our new space.  (it wasn’t even finished yet). We had so many Crock Pots and a microwave going that we blew a fuse.  Actually while in that space, we blew many a fuse.  We soon learned that if someone was heating up their lunch, you couldn’t run the copier. We were also privileged to have a refrigerator in this space.  It was so nice to have room for several people to eat at one time.

After about a year, the next stage began and they were going to tear down that end of the high school and build a new middle school for the 7th and 8th graders.  Yes, we lost our wonderful space.  We were moved into a room between the high school and middle school library.  This room had previously housed teacher materials and references, but they were so old that no one actually used them.  Finally stage three was finished and we were moved into our brand new teacher lunchroom/work space.  A room that had actually been built for this purpose.  We are actually able to put quite a few staff members in the room, which is great on conference nights when we have 30 minutes for supper if we are lucky.  It is also nice to be able to sit in one room and enjoy lunch with several of our peers.

Today, we enjoyed a St. Patty’s day potluck.  So many wonderful foods, treats, sweets to eat, but even better some time spent talking to each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Without days like today, we might forget those that teach in the opposite end of the building from us and that we rarely see.




4 thoughts on “Lunch Time

  1. You are lucky to have that camaraderie in your building at lunch. I love a good potluck. What’s missing in our building is a common lunch time. Our school has 3 different lunch is so there are days and days when I don’t see my colleagues at all! Thanks for your post.


  2. I liked the history of your lunchrooms. I am glad it ended with a good space. It is important to let teachers rest and have conversations with each other.
    I have some unpleasant memories of overcrowded, loud lunch spaces in which my head hurt. Some of us need a bit of quiet and friendly conversation.
    Nowadays my schedule is so packed I come to the lunchroom before a few fifth grade teachers leave and I can chat with them if they’re not on their phones and then I have the room to myself.


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