Good and Bad in one day

Must say this has been an interesting day.

  • DD2 fell down the steps when feeding the cats this morning
  • Good note from the sub, wasn’t expecting that.  All kids were good yesterday.
  • Students actually discovered that it wasn’t that hard to use the scholarly research sites instead of google.
  • Maybe I am finally getting through to them
  • DD2 finds out she was student of the month.
  • Call from athletic trainer, DD2 fell during variety show practice and hurt her knee.
  • Found out DD2 fell down the stairs at school also.
  • Tried a new food for supper that was a hit.
  • DD2 will be okay, thankfully the athletic trainer brought extra ice bags home with him
  • Now to treat my cold with a oil treatment
  • Ending the night with some down time in my craft room.

Over all just another Typical day in the life of Mrs. Flathers.


3 thoughts on “Good and Bad in one day

  1. Wow, these are really ups and downs all day long. I hope you felt better today when you returned to teaching. I LOVE a good note from a sub.
    What a lovely healing thing to do, to go to your craft room, I commented with a twinge of jealousy. Someday I’m fixing up my basement to be an art studio.


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