It’s Friday

Oh the possibilities.  Today is Friday, starting at 3:10 I have a little over 48 hours to myself.  Oh my  husband will be home, but we don’t have any plans, my daughter will have drama practice, but she drives herself and there is church on Sunday for a couple of hours.  How I look forward to the rest and relaxing that this weekend could bring.  Time to read a book just for me, time to spend in my craft room, maybe participating in an online crop.  Just knowing that tomorrow I don’t have to set my alarm, I can sleep in. (however, experience says that I will be awake at least 15 minutes earlier than normal).  Even if I do wake up early, I can take it easy and just read or relax and enjoy the quiet and solitude of a house that is at rest and not quite ready for the day.  Yes, so much possibility on a Friday morning before the work day is done  looking forward to the LONG weekend off.


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