In search of a cat whisperer.


Our cat Tabitha has been with us for 8 1/2 years, will be 9 years this July.  She joined our family just in time for Kristen to show her at the county fair, Kristen’s first year in 4-H.  And then she was named champion cat and pet this year at the 2018 fair to end both of their careers.  She has always been a loving, playful cat.  Wanting to be around the family and usually begging for food.  All of the sudden, however, she no longer scarfs her food down, sometimes not eating it until much later or not at all.  She is content to lay around all day and doesn’t seem to want to be with the family anymore.  If cats can be depressed, I would say that she is depressed. I almost wish that we could speak cat so that we would know what is bothering Tabitha.

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