One more week

One more week until we have a much needed break.  But what a week it is.  The 3rd quarter ends this Wednesday so grades need to be finalized by Friday. Not a problem, normally, just trying to get some projects graded quick so that they can go the quarter grades.  Making it a bit harder, we adopted a new homework policy and kids basically can turn stuff in up to 3 days late for full credit.  Don’t like the way that is working and hope that we get away from that policy soon!  It has been a long time since Christmas break.  Normally we get at least 2-3 snow days during this time period, but this year there hasn’t been anything (we are predicted to get a snow storm during spring break week).  You can tell the kids need a break and the teachers also.  Most of us have fought a virus of some point, so the teachers are dragging even more than normal.

But yes, we can last 5 more days.  Then when we come back there is only about 8 1/2 weeks left.  Yes, we can make it.


5 thoughts on “One more week

  1. Yes, you can make it! Wishing you a great productive week as you finalize grades. Enjoy your Spring Break! We had a week break in February, but I am already tired. We have just finished Macbeth, and students have worked diligently on their essays.
    Enjoy your break!


  2. I am looking forward to Spring Break too. I am working really hard to catch up on all my grading and planning so that the break will really be a break from school. My home desperately needs a little TLC, and I have a book to finish reading for book club, and I have some writing projects. I think I may need a longer break!


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