Today is Palm Sunday.  Normally our church has a pancake breakfast between the services.  The youth group traditionally puts this on as a fundraiser.  In honor of this tradition, we decided to have pancakes for brunch today.  I made pancakes with bacon and sausage along with two types of syrups.  I am really enjoying having the fruit syrups.  It was fun to see the number of people from the church that posted about having pancakes today for one of their meals.  I guess now, more than ever, traditions are important.  Traditions keep us grounded and going.  What traditions can I keep going during this interesting Holy Week?


One thought on “Pancakes

  1. Serving pancakes was such a thoughtful idea. I’m thinking of the week ahead. Might offer my parents the Methodist grape juice and cracker communion on Thursday. Dye some eggs. I am so glad you are writing into April!


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