What a strange day.


I really don’t want to write about the COVID-19 virus, but that is what has been on my mind since last night.  The governor announced that all Iowa schools should shut down for 4 weeks.  Shortly after that, I received notification that we are closed for 4 weeks.  Teachers were to report today and students were to come in and clean out their lockers and PE lockers.  Teachers were to make sure that grades were updated and then make sure that all surfaces are clear so that maintenance can come in and clean the rooms. Many students stopped in to say Hi, check if there was anything that they could do over the break (no online learning) and to make sure that we would be ok. I suggested that many of them continue to journal.  Keep track of your feelings and what is happening during this time.  I pointed out to them that this was how they ended up with all of the primary sources that they see in History class.  Many of them thought that this was a good idea. I think I will take my own advice and spend time writing about what is happening and my feelings during this time.

Right before the day ended our Principal came on the PA system and made an announcement, basically letting us know that the key cards would be deactivated until time to go back and we are to stay safe and have a refreshing/relaxing unplanned break.  I have never felt like crying before a break before, but today with so many things up in the air, I did.  I just might go stir crazy during the next few weeks.  Time to make a list of things that I want to get done.

2 thoughts on “What a strange day.

  1. I understand how you’re feeling. I think a journal is a great idea to suggest to students. I remember with 911 and how important it was for people to journal then. We’re living through history as hard as that is for young minds to think about.

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  2. Thinking of all of you and praying for our country! Stay healthy and safe and try to enjoy the down time. 🙏💖


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