Today has been nice.  Church this morning, greeted with some updates regarding the church and what is happening with the COVID-19 virus.  A few small changes, no handshaking for instance.  Yes, I miss that, but I will get over it.  Most things are staying the same.  After church a nice lunch out with my oldest daughter and husband.  Any meal I don’t have to prepare and clean up from is good with me. Now just enjoying some peace and quiet at home.  Picking up some as my cleaning lady will be here tomorrow, along with the piano tuner.  The college student will need to practice and she says that the piano needs to be tuned before she can practice.  Even more exciting is we are getting a new mattress and recliner on Tuesday.  I am thrilled to be getting the new recliner, I can’t wait for it to arrive. I almost want a day off from school just so I can curl up with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book.  A little later on tonight some homemade pizza.  Yummy and then a relaxing evening with the husband and oldest.  I love peaceful days like this where I get some time to relax and also manage to get a few chores done.

Hope every one is having a relaxing and peaceful Sunday before the chaos of whatever is going to come our way this next week.

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