D = Drama


Wednesday’s topic was D and the letter I chose to discuss was Drama.

When you teach high school students and have a high school daughter, you will be dealing with Drama quite often.  Especially when your high school aged daughter is also involved in the Drama program. I love watching my daughter on the stage.  She is so at home on the stage. This past year, she had the privilege of being involved in two productions outside of school.  She had one of the lead roles last summer in the Missoula Children’s theater and she was a supporting actress in the first “On the Edge” production Midsummer Jersey. In my opinion, she is good.  I am glad that she has fun with drama and has found a way to participate even after she is out of high school. This kind of drama I can handle and actually enjoy.

Sadly, with a teenage daughter, I also get to experience another form of drama.  This form is not as exciting.  Why is it, that girls can’t seem to be nice to each other?  Why do they always need to find ways to hurt others?  It seems to me that at times, girls spend more time trying to get to each other or to cause problems and fight.

Soon she will be in college and hopefully, the drama will quickly come to an end.


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