The Perfect Prom Dress


My youngest daughter is quite the fashionista.  She loves to dress up and is very picky about the types of clothes that she wears.  Unlike many teens her age, she loves to wear dresses or dressy tops with scarves.  Matter of fact, the clothing selection, 15 dollar challenge and Fashion Revue judges for 4-H have commented that they would love to see her wear something else (7 years of always wearing a dress for each competition). With Prom approaching, she comes up with several criteria for her Prom dress.

  1. Needs to have sleeves (she wants to be a good role model)
  2. Needs to have a back (see number 1)
  3. Simple Style
  4. Must make her feel like a princess when she put the dress on.
  5. Only one piece (she didn’t want a two piece dress)
  6. Total price of the dress had to be under $50.00

I was convinced that we either would never find a dress that fit her criteria or else it would cost me a fortune or I would have to take a chance and order it online.

Thankfully she loves to shop at second-hand stores.  Last Saturday we went to Salvation Army.  She found a blazer, dress top, and another top for her business suit but no luck on the Prom dress.  Oh, there was one that she fell in love with, but sadly it was about 1 size too small and wouldn’t zip up.  So today we went to Goodwill after school.  This time we were looking for a black skirt to go with the blazer and dress top (she needs a business casual outfit for an interview in a couple of weeks, some casual dresses and if we were lucky one prom dress.  Lucky wasn’t the word.  The second item we found was the prom dress and it fit like a glove.  I made her take a couple of others back to try on also, but the one her heart was set on was the one that fit and looked gorgeous on her.  She also found a black skirt for her interview and a couple of casual dresses with sleeves for the spring/fall.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Best thing ever when they rang up the dress it rang up for only $5.88.  For that price, I think I can swing a pair of shoes and maybe a necklace, earrings, and bracelet.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Prom Dress

  1. She looks lovely! What a perfect match for her. I went through the same thing with my daughter. She has larger top section, so that was our issue to deal with as we shopped. We went into one of those prom dress stores just to get ideas and found one on the clearance rack that fit her perfectly. And she looked beautiful. You’d have thought we won the lottery!

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  2. Great slice – I love second-hand stores as well. Your number points were fun – breaks up the paragraphs. I like that. And your daughter is beautiful – and smart. Why spend a fortune on one night?

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