Something needs to change


Finally, I was able to spend most of the day in my craft room.  I managed to make 12 cards and 5 scrapbook layouts.  I am excited to almost have my daughters 2015 Fair Queen album done. I also spent some time sorting and cleaning in my room.  One of my goals is to get the room cleaned up and organised, get rid of stuff that I know longer need, and use up most of my stash before I get anything more.  I also sorted my cards into different boxes based on the type of card. I thought it would be easier to find the cards if I could pull out a box that was just birthday cards or thank you cards, etc.  I discovered that I actually have 8 full photo boxes of cards.  This tells me that one of two things needs to happen.  I either need to stop making cards or I need to start sending more cards to people.  I might have to do both, but I hope not.  Two of the boxes are just because or thinking of you cards.  Now I am adding one more goal to my list of goals, send more cards.


7 thoughts on “Something needs to change

  1. I really like this post.. and your thinking. You’re so reflective, even about your hobby — which I LOVE the idea of, btw, because I’m a big card person.

    I think I’d rather make my own.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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  2. How neat that you make your own cards. How rewarding for both you and the receiver! I always tell my husband, as long as he gets me a card, that is better than any other gift. Thanks for sharing with us today-it sounds like many smiles are coming soon because of it!

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  3. Send the cards! You’ll love it and the recipient’s will, too. Reminding you as I’m reminding myself to do the very same!


  4. Three words: Send the cards. It may take some time, but it will be a good thing to do both for you and the people you write. They’ll be given a piece of you when the card arrives, and that’s never a bad thing! 🙂


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