Family time

slice-of-life_individualThe entire family had the day off today.  This is a rare event in our household.  The girls and I got up early to fix a meal that I had agreed to make for a meal train (see my post on March 12 about the different deaths).  After running the food into the church early this morning we came back to do a little shopping.  Stopped at Salvation Army.  DD1 is graduating from college this spring and needs a good suit to interview in and also some dress clothes for her internship.  DD2 needs a business casual outfit for her State 4-H council interview in April and also wants to find a nice dress for Prom, Fair Queen interviews and $15.00 challenge.  While we didn’t find everything we were looking for we found 5 pieces of clothing for only $9.00.  We also found the perfect dress for Prom however, it was one size too small.  We still have about 6 weeks so we will keep looking.  Spent the rest of the morning shopping, nothing quite as fun as clothes shopping.  Now after a trip to the funeral home for yet another one of the deaths mentioned in Sunday’s post, we are home.  It was so nice to eat supper with all 4 of us and watch a movie together. Not sure how many more times we will be able to do this.  Hopefully, within a few months, the oldest will have a job and will be moving on with her life.

Yet another day that didn’t meet my original plans for the day, but yet one that was fun and enjoyable anyway.



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