It came


Finally, it came, after a little over 2 years of waiting and almost giving up for this year, we have a snow day.  Excited to have this glorious unplanned day ahead of me.  So many things I want to accomplish.  First a lit bit of grading so that I am ready for the end of the quarter and then off to my craft room for the day.  Finally ending the day with some reading.  Signing off of the computer as I really don’t want to waste one single minute of this unplanned relaxing day.  Talk to everyone tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “It came

  1. Snow days are the gifts given to teachers to become a child again. When I was teaching I never got over the fact that teachers are more excited about a snow day than the kids. That especially applies to the Nations Capital.


  2. I am looking at our third snow day of the year for tomorrow. Already planning my time with my friendly neighbors – games, crafts and MAYBE some cleaning. I love the possibilities that snow days bring.


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