Cherish your Family


This week the concept that our life is short and we don’t know when it will end has really hit home.  In the past 5 days, there have been 3 different families that I am connected to in some fashion that have experienced a death or deaths in the family.  Last Tuesday, we received the news that one of the teachers in our building lost his brother and SIL in a car accident.  Later this week, our pastor’s mother was placed in Hospice and she died just a day or two later and finally this morning, an older lady at our church had what her daughter calls “one of her spells” and passed out in the women’s restroom.  After calling the EMS system and then assisting her husband and calling their daughter to meet them at the hospital, we discovered that she passed away today.

Two of these people, were older women who have lived a full life, getting to know their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Sadly, the other two were young and will never be able to see their own kids grow up.  My heart breaks for these three families, and I am reminded to hug my husband and children one more time and to tell them how much I love them and how proud I am of them.  And yes, we need to live our life, not just exist.


11 thoughts on “Cherish your Family

  1. I am sorry for these losses. Young lives lost are tragic and so very hard to reconcile, but older lives lost can also leave a huge void. Thank you for sharing not only their heartbreak and your concern, but also your good advice about seizing every day with life, not just existence.


  2. I am sorry for the losses this week. I can imagine your heart is heavy. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I agree–this is a reminder to hold close our loved ones and try our darnedest not to take our days for granted. We only get one life to live. Peace to you and your loved ones.


  3. That’s a lot of loss in one week. It can be hard to process. I always try to find the good (“They lived a happy life!”) in there somewhere. But it isn’t always easy. You’re reminder to enjoy life when you can is an important one.


  4. I understand a little how you feel. Three teachers in our district have lost parents or grandparents in the last two weeks. They’ve lived long, eventual lives, but the pain still raw.

    I am sorry for the losses that you’ve experienced. To lose someone so young, knowing they’ll never see their children grow up, that’s heart-breaking.

    But I agree: “And yes, we need to live our life, not just exist.”

    Peace be with you and all involved.


  5. Death is difficult whether expected or unexpected. Thank you for the reminder that we need to tell our family and friends how much they mean to us on a daily basis. Life is short no matter what the age is. Praying that you and those who have lost loved ones will find comfort and peace.


  6. I am sorry for your losses and could feel in your writing that this has been a difficult time for you. Good idea to meet suffering and death with love and gratitude.


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