I need a break



Decided today that I really need a spring break.  It will be even harder next week when my oldest daughter is home from college for her spring break and the school district that my husband works for and younger daughter attends will be off for the week.  Counting down to my 2 days off at the end of that week.  Hoping that will be enough to bring me back rested and refreshed.  At least enough to make it until Easter, when we get another day off.  Yes, I can do this.


6 thoughts on “I need a break

  1. This is the first year of retirement for me so I can still relate to that yen for a break…that need for a break…that sense that if you don’t get a break, you WILL break! Hang in there…break time is on its way.

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  2. I totally get this! I think we all need a break to just get a change of pace and to recharge. My kids and I have one break and my wife has a totally different break which is kind of a bummer.

    Are you planning anything fun with your days?

    You can do it!

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