Simple Sentence or not

I know I have lamented on this before, but really we need to bring back grammar instruction.  I usually have the students write their answers in complete sentences for assignments and tests.  They usually complain and of course, a few of them forget to write a complete sentence.  Or at least in the past, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed that they were forgetting. Now, however, I am not so sure. The other day one of my students tried to argue with me. This student kept insisting that all that was necessary to make a group of words a sentence was if there was a capital letter and a period.  (Notice that they didn’t say punctuation, just that it needed a period).  Now today the same thing happened with a few more of my students. At this point, I am seriously considering starting next year with a back to basics unit.  Taking a couple of weeks to review a sentence, parts of speech, how to write a paragraph, and whatever else I decide that they still don’t know how to do even though it was taught at a much younger age.

So how about you?  Do your students have problems with carry over and remembering how to do the basics?


3 thoughts on “Simple Sentence or not

  1. Why wait until next year? Toss a ‘Grammar Bootcamp’ in this spring, perhaps the day before Spring Break (or some other time that doesn’t tend to be extraordinarily productive). Have it be inquiry style with questions (What is a sentence?) and resources (print and/or digital) for them to prove their findings.


  2. it sounds like your students are wanting their texting habits to become the standard for all writing. Don’t let them get away with that. Texting (and e-mail) are much more like talking than writing. I agree with Kristi above, try a Grammar Boot Camp. There are lots of fun resources online, like this one: On second thought, this is probably not the best one for high school (?) students


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