When I first started this blog, last March, so that I could enter a challenge for teachers to write more, I had lots of ideas and was ready to go.  I wrote faithfully for that entire month.  I then entered another challenge for April and wrote faithfully during that month also.  I figured how can I expect my students to write daily (or at least when we have class) if I can’t write also.  Then summer came and at first I wrote faithfully, but as the summer wanned on and the school year began, my writing has dwindled down to almost nothing.

I wish I could say that I have been busy going here and there, or making memories with one of my daughters, but sadly that isn’t the truth.  Yes, during the school day I feel like there is never enough minutes to accomplish all that I need to get done, but then I get home from school and for the most part I am home alone for the most part until around 6:00 or later.  My youngest is involved in her school and I am glad that she is, band, volleyball, basketball, choir, NHS, Student Senate, speech, drama, wrestling, pep band, marching band, student ambassador and the list goes on.  She is also involved in many community activities, because of this and my husband’s work schedule I spend much of my after school time by myself.  Now this would be a wonderful time for many activities, I could work out, read, craft, sew, write my blog posts, but sadly nothing happens. I come home, sit down to read the mail and check my email/facebook accounts and then I crash.  Nothing gets accomplished unless I have to get it done.  I have plans every day and I say that I will get this done, or that done, but sadly it doesn’t happen.  Looks like I might need someone to check in with every couple of days, hey did you get (blank) done?  What did you accomplish last night?  I know that I am definitely a morning person and can get lots done when I first get up.  Now I need to find a way to make me an evening person also, because I refuse to get up any earlier than 5:30.

So what do you do to keep going in the evening?  How do you stay motivated? Any advice to get me moving?


6 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice we all had a “keeper” to keep us accountable. I know I could surely use one. Hopefully this will be your warm-up for the March Challegne this year??


  2. well – life is tough – and there is just so much stuff. but maybe dedicating sunday night when everyone is asleep to writing for yourself, or sunday morning. and plan out your writing for the week ad schedule it into your blog so that way you have things written? i dont have the answers but i hope this helps. 🙂


  3. It is hard to be motivated after school, especially when there is no one around and no deadline to what you might do. Though you may have said it in jest, I think having someone to help hold you accountable can help. It could be someone that asks what you are up to or someone you send a pic of something you have accomplished or a friend you chat with at the same time each evening that you know will ask about what you are up to. I also think we go through seasons of life and a flux in writing is part of this. Glad to see you’re back. Are you gearing up for March SOLSC again?


  4. I look at Tuesday and Friday and my “writing days”. Slice of Life has pushed me to keep that Tuesday for certain, and if I get a post on Friday, even better. I know the feeling of not enough time, we all do! It’s just how do we work around the fact I have grading, planning, and family time, all who are screaming for my attention! 🙂 Sometimes, things don’t get done, and I’m accepting that’s ok too! Glad to see you writing again!


  5. I hear you. I try to make my cut off for electronics at 9 PM so that I may get to reading every night. But there are those nights! I set aside time on the weekend and with the challenge on the horizon, I am gearing up to write between 7 and 8 each night. Sometimes I scribble on paper at school to get it down. Glad to see you writing.


  6. I say find that friend who’s willing to let you check in with her every day. I recently found a buddy to help me reestablish a daily scripture study habit. We just sent each other a text with the word “Done” and then I would add a check mark. Just having that point of check-in was so valuable. And make the evening challenge a small one. Nothing beats success! Another idea – keep a success journal. Write down the thing (notice that is singular, baby steps) you do in the evening and let that list growing list motivate you.


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