The Goblin Crown


I was recently sent a review copy of this book for an advanced reader’s team.  Poor Billy, he was moved across the country, his dad has cancer and may be dying, and to make it even better today is his first day of high school.  Not just any high school of course, the exclusive Francis Drake Prep.  Billy is so nervous about everything that is going on his life, that within the first few minutes of school he not only manages to embarrass himself in front of the beautiful Lexi, but also makes an instant enemy of the school’s star quarterback. His day can’t get any worse correct?  Wrong, somehow he manages to get himself, Lexi, and Kurt into another world.  This world is full of goblins that don’t speak English.  The goblins are currently fighting a war with humans in their world.  The humans have but one goal, to completely wipe out the goblins.

I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to introducing it to my reluctant readers. The Goblin Crown includes war, friendship, and magical worlds, in other words a book sure to please many different readers.  I am eagerly looking forward to the second book in the serious.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book, however the reactions to the book are my own.

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